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I've created some dialog and on this dialog I have a vertical layout consisting of few checkboxes. I'd like to access those checkboxes during runtime via layout containing them. Is this possible?

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If you have a dialog called myDialog you can access its layout via


the layout itself inherits from QObject and like that has access to the QObject::children() method.

For example you could do something like this:

QCheckBox* currentCheckBox;
foreach( QObject* child, myDialog->layout()->children() )
    currentCheckBox = qobject_cast< QCheckBox* >( child );
    if( !currentCheckBox ) continue;

    // do anything with the checkbox here
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Hi Tim, great answer thanks. –  smallB Nov 22 '11 at 12:07

@Tim: had a similar question and found your answer very helpful.

But at least using PyQt4 I have found that layout itself seems to have no children (children() gives an empty list ) -- instead, they are "parented" by the widget that our layout is sitting on.

So in Python, that would be myDialog.children() instead of myDialog.layout().children().

And then, obviously, there could be other elements among these children, not necessarily coming from our layout (at least in my case there were).

Moreover, in a more general case, the order of QObject's children could be unstable -- though I think for checkboxes it's unlikely to be the case.

So, I have rather used the layout's .itemAt() method.

I suppose in C++ it would be something like

for( int i=0; ++i; i<layout->count() ) 
    widget = layout->itemAt(i)->widget()
    // ... do whatever you want

In Python, it was

for i in xrange( layout.count() ) :  

    widget = layout.itemAt( i ).widget()
    # ... whatever )

May be there's something that has changed here between Qt3 and Qt4 ?

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