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nftw wants a parameter for the number of file handles to use. I've seen a couple of examples specifying this as 20 (this is the POSIX guaranteed minimum? but one could also use getrlimit or sysconf to get the actual available number). Should this not be specified as 17 because three file handles are already used for stdin/out/err? Or am I misunderstanding how it works? (Similarly if we get the actual available number with getrlimit or sysconf, should we subtract 3 before passing the parameter?)

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The number of file descriptors is the total number of file descriptors the process can have. Functions like sysconf doesn't know if some of them are already used or not. You can test this by opening a number of files, and sysconf should return the same value both before and after.

It's probably a good idea to subtract 3 for the standard file descriptors, and maybe a couple of more just in case.

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Leaving at least three file descriptors open for stdin, stdout, and stderr sounds like excellent advice. Further, you might have a descriptor or two open for your own needs. A quick scan of my system shows a range between 0 and 109 open descriptors, with 4 being quite common.

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