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I don't think what is good but it's works.

I want know is it rigth what i do?

I have 2 files tick.wav and tock.wav wich must be played by timer tick or tock. setLooping not good because i need play by timer init.

So i try two methods:


I have variable MediaPlayer mp;

When i need play tick i call mp=MediaPlayer.create(context,tickID), when i need play tock i call mp=MediaPlayer.create(contenxt,tockID)

When i call mp.start();

Some time it's work good and i hear tick and tock, but then i start getting errors from mediaplayer. I think this because previous instance of MediaPlayer is still playing file.


So i do next: i create two variables




and then i need tock i call tockPlayer.start() when i need tick i call tickplayer.start()

I't works, but (always exists but) what me do if files will be more than 2, maybe 100? Create array of mediaplayers like Vector<MediaPlayer> mpPlayers? And call needed? I think it's eat my memory quickly.

So target is: i need correct playing files with shortime reaction of mediaplayer from RAW soruce, how ca i do what?

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May be you don't need Vector to store media files, I think you can use java reflection to get information about "raw" resources as raw is static class from

And are you stopping media player. tickPlayer.stop().

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