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When I click a button on my silverlight website I want my ContentFrame to navigate to a different page (to the About.xaml). I do this using the following code.

ContentFrame.Navigate(new Uri("/Views/About.xaml", UriKind.Relative));

And my ContentFrame looks like this

    <navigation:Frame x:Name="ContentFrame" Style="{StaticResource ContentFrameStyle}" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Source="/Home" Navigated="ContentFrame_Navigated" NavigationFailed="ContentFrame_NavigationFailed">
                <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="" MappedUri="/Views/Home.xaml"/>
                <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="/{pageName}" MappedUri="/Views/{pageName}.xaml"/>

However when I press the button I get the error message:

Page not found: "/Views/About"

My project looks like this:


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Try this:

ContentFrame.Navigate(new Uri("/About", UriKind.Relative)); 

The Uri mapper should add the path and the extension for you.

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