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I'm essentially a PHP coder that started to code some things in Python. I'm amazed with Python PDB, there is something equivalent to PHP?

I'm working with a PHP Web Framework and I'd like specially of the pdb.set_trace() that is very useful when we are working with a web framework in Python.

My question is, there is something equivalent for PHP?

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If you are using an IDE, then it should have built in debugging functions for stepping into, over code and the usual suite of functions. I use Zend Studio myself.

Having said that, I have used the following:

If you can install extensions on your server, XDebug is very very nice. It also allows you to profile your code to identify any bottle necks. You can also connect it to a remote debugger to do your debugging using a separate application.

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You should definitely try psysh.

It's a better shell for php like ipython and supports also interactive debugging as pdb.

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