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I have maven 3, cobertura maven plugin 2.51 and some classe. I need to know test coverage of my class. But I don't want to test setters/getters. So I wand just to ignore them.


Then I add following ignore block

                            <!-- Ignore all setter and getter methods in your classes -->

But seem like it doesn't work.

I found this link: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MCOBERTURA-52 Looks like this problem is about 5 year old. Is there any solution of my problem?

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I don't know about ignoring methods, but you could take a tool that autogenerates the unit tests for your getters and setters so those methods are covered. I don't know that this fixes your exact problem, because now instead of lower than expected coverage you'll have higher than expected coverage, but it seems better than nothing.

There was a SO question about exactly this here: Is there a Java unit-test framework that auto-tests getters and setters?

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