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  • When my OpenRtsp Client lost connection with server, I dispose the old client and other parameters then re-create new client.

  • The Client send Options,Describe request successfully but failed after that... I can not able create Session and Subsesions so I got Access Violations errors..

How to reset old OpenRtspClient properly so that get new "brand" RTSPClient?

My Current Way to Reset Old Client:

I just modify the "shutdown" method in playCommon class. I did not send Teardown...


  void ResetOurClient(){

    if (env != NULL) {

      delete ourAuthenticator;

And My ReStartCode:

void StartOurClient()

      TaskScheduler* scheduler = BasicTaskScheduler::createNew();
      env = BasicUsageEnvironment::createNew(*scheduler);

      char* streamURL =  "XXXXXXXXX";

      // Create our client object:
      ourClient = createClient(*env, streamURL, verbosityLevel, progName);
      if (ourClient == NULL) {
        *env << "Failed to create " << clientProtocolName
            << " client: " << env->getResultMsg() << "\n";

      if (sendOptionsRequest) {
        // Begin by sending an "OPTIONS" command:
      } else {
        continueAfterOPTIONS(NULL, 0, NULL);

      // All subsequent activity takes place within the event loop:
      env->taskScheduler().doEventLoop(&continuesStream); // does not return
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(Answered by the OP in a question edit. Converted to a community wiki answer. See Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments )

The OP wrote:

Well there was a static variable setUpIter...[MediaSubsessionIterator* setupIter = NULL;] in setupstreams method...so make it global non-static variable and make it NULL at ReStart

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