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Possible Duplicate:
iPhone Authorize.Net SDK integration
Register device using test account on authorize.net iphone SDK?

I created a test account on authorize.net and used the basic code given on the website for the integration of the sdk. The request is sent successfully but every time i get response that "This device is not registered with this sdk. When i log in the sandbox account there are no devices to approve/enable. I am stuck in this for hours.. any help will be appreciated.

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Use this method to register the device stackoverflow.com/questions/8104806/… and then check by logging into ur sandbox and u will find a device request. – Dhara Feb 23 '12 at 11:33
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From the README in their SDK (emphasis mine):

Run your sample app and when you click on the "Authorize and Capture" button, you should be prompted with a dialog that asks you to enter in your Login Id and Password. These are your Authorize.Net account login credentials. If this is the first time you are performing this login from a new device (either real or virtual), the login will fail and state that the device has been registered but is pending approval. You will need to login to the sandbox and enable the new device. You can find this by going to :

Home > Account (Settings) > Security Settings (Mobile Device Management)

Once there, you should see your new device in a 'Pending' state. Click on it and enable it. Click on the Login button again, and the transaction should succeed and you will be prompted with an authCode and refTransId.

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when i first perform login, i go to my account on authorize.net and i don't see my device in Mobile Device Management. Thats the problem, i have the read the documentation already. – Saleh Nov 24 '11 at 7:54
i figured it out, we need to register the device first by sending a separate device registration request. – Saleh Nov 28 '11 at 14:28

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