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My python project has the following structure:

+ Project
  -> start.py  --  Main startup script
  -> appstate.json
  +> lib/      --  Directory of third-party libraries such
                   as demjson.py, google gdata, etc.
  +> tools/    --  Directory of my own packages

I am not able to figure what options I need to pass to py2exe to make it understand the above layout. Can someone please help?

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I always used py2exe only for python modules and packages. But I expect it should work just by putting the setup.py file in your Project directory and running it from that directory.


from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
import sys
import os

setup(console = ['start.py'],
      options = {'py2exe': { }},
      zipfile = None)

The dictionary from 'py2exe': { } can be filled with the some of the following options as needed.

py2exe options, to be specified in the options keyword to the setup function:

unbuffered - if true, use unbuffered binary stdout and stderr

optimize - string or int (0, 1, or 2)

includes - list of module names to include

packages - list of packages to include with subpackages

ignores - list of modules to ignore if they are not found

excludes - list of module names to exclude

dll_excludes - list of dlls to exclude

dist_dir - directory where to build the final files

typelibs - list of gen_py generated typelibs to include (XXX more text needed)

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