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In Ant exits task Echo:

<echo message="Hello, world"/>

But it seems useless. I need to check values in ant file. E.g.

 <property file="${user.home}/build.properties"/>
 <echo message="${file}" />

but I receive only:

 [echo] ${file}

How I can have Ant display value of file? Thanks.

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This statement:

<property file="${user.home}/build.properties"/>

Reads a property file(i.e. all properties in that file), and does not set the property named file.

This would be correct. You first set a property and then echo it:

<property name="file" value="${user.home}/build.properties"/>
<echo message="${file}" />
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You're getting ${file} echoed back at you because you're not setting that property. Is there a line in your property file that says file = someValue?

Maybe you want to do something like this?

<property name="property.file" value="${user.home}/build.properties"/>
<property file="${property.file}"/>
<echo message="My property file is called &quot;${property.file}&quot;"/>
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