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I have a single collection of items which require periodic updating. The items have a weighting in that some must be serviced more frequently than others. However, I must service all items within a certain time (ie I don't want there to be items that end up never being processed).

If all items had the same weighting, a simple FIFO would suffice. But the higher-priority ones need to be able to cut-in, therefore I reckon a priority queue is indicated. Question is, what determines the priority? I figure it's a function of weighting, and time since last serviced. But how to determine the form of that function so that no item stays at the bottom of the heap?

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I would sort based on their time in the queue then by priority weighting. On addition of a new item to the queue apply a time based threshold so when the new item is added it cannot be placed higher than those that have exceeded the maximum allowable time in queue.

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