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I have my own ContentProvider and SyncAdapter which both work fine.

I set them to be automatically synced with ContentResolver.setSyncAutomatically() an this work. I can also test the sync with Dev Tools -> Sync Tester.

Now I would like to request a sync from my app (if we have no data yet) and be notified when it finishes, so I can updated the interface (I'm showing a progress bar with logo while it's syncing). I'm doing this with ContentResolver.requestSync(), but I have not found a way to get notified when the sync finishes.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

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Using addStatusChangeListener() will give you callbacks when the sync is SYNC_OBSERVER_TYPE_ACTIVE or SYNC_OBSERVER_TYPE_PENDING. It is well weird that there is no finished event.

Here is a workaround suggested by Felix. He suggests that you should ditch the ContentResolver in favour of Broadcasts.

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Thanks, I used the workaround. Though this is a bit of a roundabout way of doing this. The SDK should really include a better way. –  muscardinus Nov 22 '11 at 15:27
@muscardinus I suppose you are syncing some kind of data between server and client. Each time there should be a server response which you can evaluate and sent a local Broadcast yourself. –  JJD Feb 21 '14 at 15:33

addStatusChangeListener() does notify you when the sync finishes, it just does so in a slightly roundabout way: SyncStatusObserver.onStatusChanged() is called to notify you that the state changed. You must then call ContentResolver.isSyncPending() or ContentResolver.isSyncActive() to check the new state.

            | ContentResolver.SYNC_OBSERVER_TYPE_ACTIVE,
        new MySyncStatusObserver());

private class MySyncStatusObserver implements SyncStatusObserver {
    public void onStatusChanged(int which) {
        if (which == ContentResolver.SYNC_OBSERVER_TYPE_PENDING) {
            // 'Pending' state changed.
            if (ContentResolver.isSyncPending(mAccount, MY_AUTHORITY)) {
                // There is now a pending sync.
            } else {
                // There is no longer a pending sync.
        } else if (which == ContentResolver.SYNC_OBSERVER_TYPE_ACTIVE {
            // 'Active' state changed.
            if (ContentResolver.isSyncActive(mAccount, MY_AUTHORITY)) {
                // There is now an active sync.
            } else {
                // There is no longer an active sync.

One additional note: In my testing my onStatusChanged() method is called four times when I request a sync:

  1. pending is changed to true
  2. pending is changed to false
  3. active is changed to true
  4. active is changed to false

So it appears there is a window between pending and active where both are set to false even though an active sync is about to commence.

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