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I need some help:

  • I have three separate JQM pages - page1.html, page2.html and page3.html.
  • I'm adding my .js files to all pages, so whichever page is loaded first also loads the plugin
  • page2.html has a trigger called data-somesome="true" to fire the plugin on page2
  • I have added a listener that waits for the trigger page to be created

Looks like this:

   $.widget("mobile.somesome",$.mobile.widget, {
      _create: function() { 
          var self = this;
          console.log("here we go");
   // initialize
   var trigger = $('div:jqmData(somesome="true")').live( 'pagecreate',function(event){ 
   if ($('html').data('somesome-init', 'Off')) {
        $('html').data('somesome-init', 'On')
        console.log("trigger fired");
}) (jQuery,this);

If I load page2.html directly, everything works as normal = console logs the trigger has been fired and the plugin runs.

However, if I start on either page1.html or page3.html and then call page2.html hoping the plugin would fire, I only get the console "trigger fired", so I'm detecting correct, but the plugin itself doesn't run.

Can anybody give me a hint?

EDIT Added some examples:
- page2 direct load this directly, and the color changes to red
- via page1 start from here, then go to page2, nothing happens
- via page3 or start from here and go to page2, also nothing happens

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$(this) makes it work... like so:

var trigger = $('div:jqmData(somesome="true")').live( 'pagecreate',function(event){ 
    if ($('html').data('some-init', 'Off')) {
        $('html').data('some-init', 'On')
            $( this ).somesome();
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