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I'm trying to execute route add command with PHP this way: exec("/sbin/route -net", $output); and I'm getting SIOCADDRT operation not permitted. I suppose this is because I don't execute the route command through sudo. But I can't do sudo from php because the command asks for the su password. So how can I run route add without sudo?


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The best way to do this is, IMHO, is to create a shell script which use this command. After that, allow this shell script to be executed as root in /etc/sudoers.

The syntax to add in sudoers file can be found in this question's accepted answer.

So you just need to:

exec("/usr/bin/sudo /path/to/script");

This way, your root password is not exposed and you can add any command you'd like in your script.

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You can send set sudo to get password from standard input using -S argument

exec("echo 'password' | sudo -u root -S /sbin/route -net", $output);
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