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I've a IE Explorer bar (Band object) with lots of UI and communication to server which I would like to implement in C# (.NET). I also have a BHO with all kind of DOM manipulation and events which I would like to implement in C++ (using ATL). What should be the best way to communicate between these two components. Given that a single process can have several of those (Explorer Bar and BHO per tab), the pairing has to somehow facilitate IE.

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You can use IE to facilitate connections, for example you can call IWebBrowser2::PutProperty to store the automation interface of your BHO and retrieve it in your explore bar.

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You can write an object and register it in the Running Object Table and then coordinate communication from there.

You could use any form of IPC at this point

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I recommend using the Registry for this. The registry can handle a large payload, and it is fast and reliable, and you have the rights to access it. If your process had the privileges and you want a faster throughput I'd say go with named pipes. But your hands are tied as a BHO. (I presume anyway, I haven't actually tried to register a named pipe in a BHO process.)

"the pairing has to somehow facilitate IE." IE does not care - have each process generate its own GUID, and then create a registry key with that GUID as the name.

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