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This my path:

I have two files:

1st: .htpasswd holds only:


2nd: .htaccess holds:

AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /  //<---- I'm stuck here, is this correct ?

AuthName "Enter valid username and password!"

<Files test.php>
    require valid-user

On browser I got prompt but I can't access with my password.

If you know the answer Post as much as possible, thank you.

Included path:

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AuthUserFile should include the absolute path not URL

To get the absolute path, you can do this in php :


It will return something like


So in that case, since your .htpasswd is in the directory bluescope_app/dave

You should do :

AuthUserFile /home/user98/www/public_html/bluescope_app/dave/.htpasswd

This in an example on linux, if you are on windows it will be almost the same...

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I got answer , I used Double Quotes then i got ,,

AuthUserFile "/var/www/html/bluescope_app/dave/.htpasswd"

thanks for your idea (use absolute path)@Dany Khalife

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