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Algorithm to convert RGB to HSV and HSV to RGB?

I'm trying to find an algorithm (prefferabley represented in C++) that converts from RGBto HSB values so that I can process it accordingly. Anyone got any suggestions?

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It's java and not C++ but it should be close enough to be easily reusable. Look for the RGBtoHSB method in this page:


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There's a number of colour algorithms demonstrated here, including the one you require which would be worth reading.

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Sorry for not saying more, but:


is a link with all you need (in c++), check it out.

Here's a sample usage of the code it provides for the conversion:

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    struct rgb_color rgb;
    struct hsv_color hsv;
    rgb.r = atof(argv[1]);
    rgb.g = atof(argv[2]);
    rgb.b = atof(argv[3]);
    hsv = rgb_to_hsv(rgb);
    printf("Hue: %f\nSaturation: %f\nValue: %f\n\n", hsv.hue, hsv.sat, hsv.val);
    return 0;
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