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I got some complex infrastructure problem that i'd like to solve with an elegant solution. I got a View containing a TreeView and a toolbar with many buttons for all kinds of different actions like - Delete nodes, move nodes, copy nodes etc..

At the moment this View also has a ViewModel (lets call it the "Main ViewModel") that contains a list of the selected nodes, delegate commands for each of the commands in the toolbar, and of course - the ViewModel of the root node of the TreeView.

Each of the nodes of the TreeView is also supposed to support a context menu for performing various commands that are identical to the commands that are available on the main toolbar.(Again, copy nodes, delete nodes, etc..)

So I thought - Why not export a class that will contain all of these delegate commands, selected nodes list, and a reference to the main ViewModel, and just import it in each class that needs access to these functions?

But then I realized that I'd have a problem when I would have 2 of these UserControls opened at the same time sharing the same exported services class.

Basically I want to share an imported services class within a UserControl, but not between UserControls. Is that even possible?

If not then the other solutions I was able to think of, included searching up the visual/logical tree for the high level ViewModel were these properties are defined, or passing a reference of the main ViewModel to each of the nodes of the tree. 2 Solutions which I don't really like.

I'd be glad to hear any kind of response!

Thanks a lot!

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really hard to read so much text, some code would be better :) –  MBen Nov 22 '11 at 14:15
This is exactly what MEF2's scope definitions are designed to support- we have some docs on the way, will see where they are up to... :) –  Nicholas Blumhardt Nov 22 '11 at 14:50
MBen - This more of a design issue, so I don't think code will be much of a help. There's a lot of code covering this issue so I think literal explenation is more understandable. Nicholas - I thought I read something about this in MEF2. Unfortunately I can't wait for MEF2, this issue is quit urgent. Is there any alternative solution you guys might suggest? –  Dror Nov 22 '11 at 15:18
Not familiar with MEF, but what you'd essentially do is 1) tell MEF to give you a new instance each time, and 2) create a type which is defined as a resource in each UserControl that, when accessed, gets your service via MEF and caches it within the instance. The resource is local to the UserControl, so each one will have its own copy of the resource, and therefore its own copy of the service. –  Will Nov 22 '11 at 16:22
I like your idea! I'll let you know if it was good enough. –  Dror Nov 22 '11 at 19:54

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