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I've been putting up with this forever and suddenly I thought: Maybe someone else has run across this!

In Visual Studio 2005 on Vista x86, when I click on a tool pane that does not have focus, it does a double-click. Does this with the property window, toolbox, error list, output window, and so on.

Some things I've noticed:

  • This happens on a totally fresh install of VS2005, which rules out my add-ins and macros.
  • It happens on two different Vista machines but not on any XP machine I've used.
  • I don't use any weird Logitech mouse helper apps or other system mouse-hooking background things.
  • This is unique to VS2005: no other app that I use has this issue.


  • I have tried running as an admin. One one of my Vista machines I have UAC disabled - no difference.
  • VS2005 SP1 is installed, Vista SP1 is installed, and the Vista update for VS2005 SP1 is there too. Fully patched.
  • I have looked through all the release notes I could find and notes about 2005 from Microsoft, but nothing is in there about weird GUI behavior.

Has anyone else run into this? My workaround is to right-click on the tool pane first, then I can do what I need in there. Bleh.

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Have you installed the VS2005 SP1 Update for Vista? Are you running as Administrator? Here's the low-down from Microsoft on Vista/VS2005.

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Yes and yes. Any other ideas I could try? –  scobi May 5 '09 at 1:57
not really, when I moved to Vista I converted my XP dev machine to a VM; I keep Vista to 2008 only :( –  STW May 5 '09 at 2:25

Sounds hardware-y. Have you ever adjusted your mouse sensitivity or anything like that? Have you tried with a second mouse to see if it happens with that one?

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