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var xxx = (typeof !== 'undefined') ? : 'fu';

I get:

Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: Undefined variable: my_var

well I know it's undefined, but why do I get that error?? xxx should take the fu value...

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Try to check only my_var first, it can be undefined, too

var xxx = (typeof my_var !== 'undefined' && !== 'undefined') ? : 'fu';
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Your code checks if the type of is undefined. But that can't be checked because the type of my_var itself is already undefined.

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Evaluation of fails because my_var is null or undefined. Enhance your code like this:

var xxx = (my_var && typeof !== 'undefined') ? : 'fu';
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Add another check for my_var

var xxx =  (typeof my_var != 'undefined' && typeof !== 'undefined')? : 'fu';
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i think you should first check for my_var

     var xxx = (typeof !== 'undefined') ? : 'fu';
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