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I'm trying to make an iOS 5 app that features real-time things coming from the server. It will only use these whilst the app is running.

To make it real-time without polling I have been evaluating two design routes:

Creating a socket from the app to the server, and exchanging information via streams.

Using standard HTTP to communicate with the server, and with each request from the app let the server know what they are viewing. If something new is available for user, send an Apple Push Notification (with no visible alert) to let app know it can go and download new thing.

I think a socket would be the way to go, but before I commit to it I wanted a second opinion, as this is the first time I've made anything like this!

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I would add scalability to the equation. There is a rather low limit (a few thousands) on the number of open sockets for a given server. Short lived HTTP requests can handle many more "simultaneous" clients. I have the feeling that the APN solution will scale better. –  Felz Nov 22 '11 at 15:00

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Does it really need to be "full real time"? From my point of view i would prefer http since it is already well integrated into the iOS SDK. Its easy to understand, maintain and implement and plenty of documentation is on the web. So maybe a http poll every minute or so will be enough (depending on the app and the number of users). Please consider firewalls too! Traffic to unknown ports maybe denied due to firewall policies of provider or local wifi. So if you really need realtime connectivity I guess you have to use sockets.

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The spec says that it has to be genuinely real-time, but being a few seconds out is not critical. I hadn't considered firewalls and the like, that could make things rather messy. –  Jon Nov 22 '11 at 16:18

Sockets would be my choice. I do not know how time critical your application is, but sockets might perform better as APNs if realtime is a must.

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