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I've got a simple style question and would like to know, what's the common pratice. When deriving from a lot of interfaces, and all these interfaces got long names, it's time for a linebreak in the class header. Should this linebreak be BEFORE or AFTER the colon?


public class DigitalIOConfigurationViewModel
    : SomeLongAbstractClassName, SomeLongInterfaceName, AndAnotherInterface


public class DigitalIOConfigurationViewModel :
    SomeLongAbstractClassName, SomeLongInterfaceName, AndAnotherInterface

I don't know, if anybody out there cares about little things like this, but i do :)


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MSDN do it like this

public class Control : Component, IDropTarget, 
    ISynchronizeInvoke, IWin32Window, IBindableComponent, IComponent, IDisposable
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I have mostly seen the second usage (: at the end of the type name).

I believe Resharper will indent it this way too.

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