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I have an issue with my footer block in IE9 Browser which hops once when I hover an a-Tag.

my css from footer and anchor:

margin:0 0 0 210px; /* 210 */
padding:35px 0 100px 0;
border-top:4px solid #E7E7E7;
background:url(img/color-code.gif) 0 90px no-repeat;
footer a:focus,
footer a:hover {
background: url(img/dash_hover.gif) 0 100% repeat-x;

it uses html5 but also on a div causes the same issue and jumps 4px downwards.

    <p>firma <span>street</span> <span>where</span>   <span>tel:</span> <span><a href="#" target="_blank">mailto</a></span> <span><a href="/impressum" hreflang="de">impressum</a></span>
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I found the solution but i´m not happy about.

My maincontent block:

<div id="header"></div>
<div id="maincontent"></div>
<div id="footer"></div>

my maincotnent flaots anywhere where i deside to clear it everywhere where it have to be cleared but this doesn´t helped.

Then i tried to use overflow: hidden. on my maincontent and this do the hack but how it says it hides overflowed elements thats why i do not like.

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