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What is the correct way to compare DateTime's by the month in PowerShell 2.0? In the end, I want to know if the current month is July or later, between July and December. The year doesn't matter. I'm not sure if there is a switch for month specific comparisons or try to get just the month and >= 7. Thanks

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I would use the PowerShell cmdlet called Get-Date.

If ((Get-Date).Month -ge 7){...}
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Like this can help you:

C:\ps> [datetime]::Today.Month -gt ([datetime]"12/01/2012").month

C:\ps> [datetime]::Today.Month -gt ([datetime]"07/12/2012").month

The comparing date can be whatever you want, just the month is use for comparison.

This do the same:

C:\ps> [datetime]::Today.Month -gt 7

C:\ps> [datetime]::Today.Month -gt 7
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You'll want to use -ge instead... or change 7 to 6... – Chris N Nov 22 '11 at 15:58

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