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I have existing code that uses CMNewProfileSearch to find then iterate over the color profiles on the system getting their names and full paths. Unfortunately, CMNewProfileSearch is deprecated in Mac OS X 10.5 and is also unavailable when compiling a 64-bit application.

In reading the ColorSync Manager 2.5 Reference, it seems like the new way to iterate over installed color profiles is to use the CMIterateColorSyncFolder function.

  1. Is that true?
  2. Is there a Cocoa way to do what I want instead?
  3. Anybody got any sample code?


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  1. Yes. As you indicated, the ColorSync Manager Reference says the following:

    The CMNewProfileSearch function does not take full advantage of the optimized profile searching available starting with ColorSync version 2.5. Use CMIterateColorSyncFolder instead.

  2. CMIterateColorSyncFolder is the official way to do this. Besides, it's also the optimized way.

  3. From Apple's ImageApp sample code:

EDIT: I've modified the code sample to remove NewCMProfileIterateUPP and DisposeCMProfileIterateUPP.

    // Callback routine with a description of a profile that is 
    // called during an iteration through the available profiles.
    static OSErr profileIterate (CMProfileIterateData *info, void *refCon)
        NSMutableArray* array = (NSMutableArray*) refCon;

        Profile* prof = [Profile profileWithIterateData:info];
        if (prof)
            [array addObject:prof];

        return noErr;

    // return an array of all profiles
    + (NSArray*) arrayOfAllProfiles
        NSMutableArray* profs=[[NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:0] retain];
        CMIterateColorSyncFolder(profileIterate, NULL, 0L, profs);
        return (NSArray*)profs;

It turns out that don't need NewCMProfileIterateUPP and DisposeCMProfileIterateUPP so they haven't been replaced with anything, as far as I can tell. Instead, you can define the callback function with a signature that matches profileIterate, above. You can then just pass the callback function directly to CMIterateColorSyncFolder.

I've tested my changes in ImageApp on Mac OS X 10.5 it it works as expected.

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The functions NewCMProfileIterateUPP() and DisposeCMProfileIterateUPP() are deprecated in Mac OS X 10.5. – Paul J. Lucas May 5 '09 at 3:37
Good point. I've edited the code sample so that NewCMProfileIterateUPP() and DisposeCMProfileIterateUPP() are no longer used. Hopefully that answers everything for you. ;) – Naaff May 5 '09 at 4:42

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