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Ruby 1.9.2 Rails 3.1

Here is the code from the model. The problem here is that "validates :baggage" validator works like a charm, while "validates :capacity" - doesn't. It doesn't show any error messages, just allows seats to go over the capacity number. Any ideas as to why one work and the other doesn't?

class Seat < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates :baggage, :numericality => { :less_than_or_equal_to => :baggage_allowance }, :presence => true
  validates :capacity, :numericality => { :less_than_or_equal_to => :capacity }, :presence => true
  belongs_to :flight

  def baggage_allowance

  def capacity

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You are using the same method capacity to validator and validated.

You should want to say def flight_capacity and :less_than_or_equal_to => :flight_capacity.

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Hi Elijah. If this solved your problem, can you to mark the answer as "Accepted"? Thanks. –  Fernando Almeida Feb 17 '12 at 10:41

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