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Possible Duplicate:
Why does PHP echo'd text lose it's formatting?

I got strange problem. Let's say I got code like this:


class Bar
    private $foo;
    function __construct ($foo)
        $this->foo = $foo;

    public function testFoo($obj)
        echo $obj->foo . PHP_EOL;

$obj = new Bar("obj");
$obj2 = new Bar("obj2");


And well instead of getting expected result which is:


This is what I get:

obj obj2

It's just like PHP_EOL represents blank space. I also tried to use "\n" but this one works same. I'm using latest XAMPP.

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If you are viewing this in your browser, it's because browsers interpret newlines in HTML as regular space characters.

In HTML you need to use <br> for forcing a line break.

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Or you can send your output as plain text using header('Content: text/plain'); - depends on what you're doing. – BoltClock Nov 22 '11 at 16:42

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