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I have an iframe that is loading a HTML file with a table

It happens that the iframe is not wide enough for the table width and it displays a scrollbar.

I wanted to have a top bar with the window title but it will be limited by the frame width also I wanted to have a border around all the window but I can't make it work because any parent div I add will only fit the iframe width, so if I horizontally scroll the page it get all messed up.

I thought about removing scrollbars from the iframe, have a 100% width and height div as wrapper that would be scrollable but I can't do it either...

Can someone help me on this

The idea is have

<div id = mainfiv>
<div id = topbar style="width:100%; color:blue">

What I want is to remove scrollbars from iframe, add scroll bar on main div and make sure that the main div wrapps all the content... and don't let the table stay outside it size.

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Can you clarify whether your page is displayed in an iframe or a frameset? – Steve Fenton Nov 22 '11 at 17:04
it is on a iFrame – Killercode Nov 22 '11 at 17:06

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