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Let's say I have a table that has the following columns...

Name, Date, Number

And say we had the following data inserted into these columns...

Bob, 2011-11-22, 1
Bob, 2011-11-22, 5
Bob, 2011-11-22, 4
Bob, 2011-11-22, 3
Wendy, 2011-11-22, 3
Wendy, 2011-11-22, 4
Wendy, 2011-11-22, 2
Wendy, 2011-11-22, 1
Chris, 2011-11-22, 4
Chris, 2011-11-22, 1
Bob, 2011-11-21, 4
Bob, 2011-11-21, 3
Wendy, 2011-11-21, 2
Wendy, 2011-11-21, 4
Wendy, 2011-11-21, 1
Chris, 2011-11-21, 4
Chris, 2011-11-21, 1

Now what I'd like to do is get the max Number value for each Name, for each date. So my query result would look like this...

Bob, 2011-11-22, 5
Wendy, 2011-11-22, 4
Chris, 2011-11-22, 4
Bob, 2011-11-21, 4
Wendy, 2011-11-21, 4
Chris, 2011-11-21, 4

Any help would be appreciated. I'm using SQL 2005.

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What have you tried? If you want to do code-by-request then you should hire a consultant. Stack Overflow is for assistance with specific issues. – JNK Nov 22 '11 at 16:57
Yeah the actual query I'm working on has a lot more joins and columns, but I wanted to kinda dumb the question down the core of the problem. The answers so far have definitely helped me get closer to what I am really trying to do. Thanks everyone! – editThis Nov 22 '11 at 17:02
Can you add a bit more detail of the final operation or query to aid future searches? It might help people to know in the future why the simple solution didn't work in a specific scenario. – Brian Deragon Nov 22 '11 at 18:02

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What about

SELECT [Name], [Date], MAX(Number)
FROM [yourTable]
GROUP BY [Name], [Date] 


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It's not as hard as you'd think.

select name, date, max(number) from table group by name, date
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SELECT Name, `Date`, MAX(Number)
FROM yourtable
GROUP BY Name, `Date`
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SELECT Name, Date, MAX(Number)
    FROM YourTable
    GROUP BY Name, Date;
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