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I'm trying to do functional test but I don't know how to deal with cookies. I'm using Ruby and Minitest to do functional test of controllers. But to run tests in controllers, first I need to authenticate. The authentication uses cookies to see if the user is logged or not. The problem is functional tests do not see what is in cookies, than I can't authenticate and then run tests. Does someone give me a tip to resolve this?

thanks Heber

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I have the same question. Any luck with this? –  Haseeb Khan Jan 13 '12 at 5:20
Which gem you are using for authentication? Devise or Sorcery? Because they have provided their test helpers for user sign_in and sign_out for functional tests. –  Malik Apr 24 '14 at 6:55

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I'm looking at the same issue, myself. Being somewhat new at this, I'm not actually sure this will work, but I intend to try using the before do hook to run an authentication.

Something to this effect:

    before do
      get :login
      # fill in and submit

    it "must do stuff" do
      #Test things and hopefully it'll be logged in
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