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Basically, I have an excel sheet with numerous select statements; wondering what's the quickest way to run all these and return the data to a file or query analyzer result window.

These are really simple select statements, they are basically


but there are about 200 hundred of these so I am wondering what's a fast way to run these

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If you simply want to run them all in succession, and save the output, you can do something like this:

Copy them to a plain text file, call it my_queries.sql, then add a line at the top that says:

spool my_queries.lst

and then add a line to the end of the file:

spool off

Then you can connect via SQL*plus:

sqlplus username/password@your_connect_string

and then run the script with:

SQL> @my_queries.sql

You'll end up with all the results in the spool file, my_queries.lst.

Hope that helps.

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