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In a few months I will have to start with my master thesis and after taking courses in cloud computing and distributed systems I can say that I found this topics quite interesting. What I would like to do here is to start a discussion that might drive me to a thesis subject. As the title of this thread says I would like to find something in scalability of web applications. So if you have an idea, from the simplest to the most complicated, don't hesitate to post it.

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I would have seen the following possible subjects:

  • Investigate the feasibility of functional programming languages for web applications.
  • Try to identify typical/recurring structures in web apps that can easily be executed in parallel and devise ways that make it easier to discover such areas.
  • Investigate in how far parallelism in web apps can be put into practice using the STM paradigm rather then messaging.
  • SaaS/multi-tenancy, find a rather sharp border between a multi user web-app and a multi tenancy SaaS app. Stipulate the security requirements for such.
  • Devise/implement an OSGi like platform in Haskell that could be the seed for cloud apps/work loads to be mobile.
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Thanks for the interesting subjects. I liked the second one that you proposed. They are also trying to convince me to do something on semantics. And I might be already convinced... –  x_maras Nov 26 '11 at 20:47
Thanks, in fact I have many more ideas. Contact me if you need some :D –  J Fritsch Nov 27 '11 at 11:37

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