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I'm programming in C with Anjuta a small application with libusb library.

libusb has need the write rights for some purpose. This argoment was already dealt in this topic: "Get access to USB device on Linux (libusb-1.0)?".
Maybe the topic solution work fine (I'm not tried yet) but i would like my application access to all usb device and not to the specific one.
i've tried to set a suid bit at a file which have a root owner but libusbopen function, for example, answer "libusb requires write access to USB device nodes" again. I don't wont to build the entire anjuta project as root user but so far this is the only solution for this libusb-1.0 issue.

Is there a solution for get write access to inode of a general usb device (for example hot plug pendrive) without modify udev behavior?

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I have found a workaround. Maybe it's not good but it seems to work well. I have added a permission rules file (020_permissions.rules) in the udev configuration directory (/etc/udev/rules.d) where the unique rule is which Unix group should own all the USB device nodes.

The file content is:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", GROUP=="group to belong my user"

I hope this helps you if you have a similar libusb issue.

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