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I'm looking for an SMTP server that I can setup on a windows machine:

  • It needs to be lightweight, not loads of security settings
  • I only need to send email not receive it
  • Its needs to be able to send email from anonymous users

The reason is that I've installed Apache and PHP on a windows machine and want an SMTP server to route mails through, I plan on using this windows sendmail.exe which I have used before and works great.

Last time I did this I used sendmail.exe and Stunnel and used a gmail address, but I can't do that this time, needs to be sent from localhost.

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Be sure to keep ISP blocks in mind; you're probably already familiar with this if you've done the stunnel/gmail route before. But should port 25 seem magically unavailable, head on over to 587 ;) – Kato Nov 22 '11 at 19:45
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You could use the SMTP server integrated in IIS, you could also go for smaller mail servers like or

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Too bad, stunnel/gmail is great and I've used it a ton for test environments.

Two great alternatives are to install exim via Cygwin, or to use IIS as an SMTP server.

I have personally used the first with success. I have never tried IIS although I know this is a viable solution for some.

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