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Here's my xaml:

 <Grid Name="ButtonLayer"/>
 <Canvas Name="Overlay"/>

Here's my problem:

I have buttons in the ButtonLayer and a polyline in the Overlay Canvas. I wan't to disable all mouse events for the Overlay canvas so that the buttons in the ButtonLayer can receive mouse input. How to do it without moving the Overlay below the ButtonLayer (because then the Overlay is covered by the ButtonLayer)?

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It sounds to me like your "Overlay" layer should be an adorner to your Grid. You should consider doing that and use adorners. – Jeff Mercado Nov 22 '11 at 19:00
look at the answer from @RV1987 – punker76 Nov 22 '11 at 19:08
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Just set IsHitTestVisible=False on the Canvas. Events will pass through to your grid.

<Canvas Name="Overlay" IsHitTestVisible="False"/>
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