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How can I show all price/qty combinations from this SQL string returned from a jQuery Ajax call?


JavaScript code:

    url: 'myURL',
        dataType: 'xml',
         data:  'data=' + someData, 
         success: function(xml){

    $(xml).find('transactions').each(function() {
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Try this

var xmlDoc = $.parseXML( xml ),
$xml = $( xmlDoc ),
$price = $xml.find( "price" ),
$qty= $xml.find( "qty" );
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Use jQuery parseXML before traversing it. Try this

$.parseXML(xml).find('transactions').each(function() {
     alert($(this).find('price'));//Alerts price
     alert($(this).find('qty'));//Alerts qty
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always parse the xml e.g. in jquery you can use parseXML using the DOM traversal methods is browser dependent

var xmlDoc = $.parseXML( xml ),
$xml = $( xmlDoc ),
$price = $xml.find("price").text();
console.log($price );

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