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My program accepts date in the format of "yyyymmdd", I don't know how to check if it's a weekday or not. I've seen ppl using $(date +%u) -gt 5 or "$(date +%a)" in Sat|Sun echo "weekend" in other threads, but that ${date} is like Tue Nov 22 14:16:35 EST 2011 I guess. So is there a good way to convert "yyyymmdd" to ${date} format? Or is there a simple way to check if "yyyymmdd" is a weekday or not? Any language is fine. Thanks.

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Any language? In Java I'd use SimpleDateFormat or Joda Time's DateTimeFormatter. In C# I'd either use DateTime.ParseExact or Noda Time's LocalDatePattern. In all of these cases, the result is a value which can be asked for things like the day of the week.

In Python I suspect you want datetime.strptime, e.g.

date = datetime.strptime(text, "%Y%m%d")
day = date.weekday()

if day < 5 # Monday(0) to Friday(4)
    # Do something here

This is completely untested, however...

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Normally, in a typed language (like Java, C# or Python), you'd 1) initialize your "time" to a language-specific "timedate" type, then 2) get the 'day-of-week" from some method of that time.

It looks like you're using Bourne shell. Which is an untyped language, with no native date/time functions.

Here's one possible solution:


Here are several time/timing related things you can do in the (Linux) Bourne shell:


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