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How do I enforce an mvc application to point to the subfolder instead of root folder.

Lets say I have website called: http://mywebsite

I have got totally different mvc applications called UserApp and CustomerApp. There is no common thing between them. Now, I want to deploy the application like:

  1. http://mywebsite/UserApp/SomeController/SomeAction
  2. http://mywebsite/CustomerApp/SomeController/SomeAction

I deployed the application above ways. But, after deployment, only home page works. Any other nested controller/action still points to root path instead of specific path.

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You probably need to set both subfolders as applications in IIS.

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can you please provide link or little more guidance on it? – StartingFromScratch Nov 22 '11 at 19:49
… – SLaks Nov 22 '11 at 19:56

The answer from Slaks is not enough, as default MVC routing is "/controller/action" from the web root.

You could use the IIS routing module to rewrite paths so that http://yourWebSite/UserApp/SomeController/SomeAction is rewrited to http://yourWebSite:8080/SomeController/SomeAction and setup 2 websites on different ports internally.

Or you could modify mvc route mapping. It could work, ... or not. Search for "MapRoute" in MSDN.

Or you could create 2 websites with 2 different hosts.
This is not unusual for 2 unrelated websites :=)

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