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I am using Spring security core plugin.

I want to test if the logged user is the creator of a Note. Note is Grails domain class. Note.creator is User which is my User domain class for Spring Security Core plugin.

The next code does not work

<g:set var="loggedUserId"><sec:loggedInUserInfo field="id"/></g:set>
<g:if test="${note.creator.id == loggedUserId}">
   Never jumps here

However, If I include both values in separated lines, the output of both is the same


Any idea what I am missing? Thanks in advanced!

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<g:if test="${note.creator.id.toString() == loggedUserId.toString()}">

Try like that maybe, loggedInUserInfo returns a string and creatorId is supposedly a long, so equation without cast wouldn't be true.

You should put logic like that into a taglib though.

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The tag <sec:loggedInUserInfo field="id"/> is not the instance of Long you are expecting, it is an instance of class org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.util.StreamCharBuffer. Get the current user in your controller like this:

class YourController{    
    def springSecurityService //Inject the Spring Security Service dependency
    def yourAction ={
        def currentUser = springSecurityService.getCurrentUser()
        [currentUser:currentUser] //Make sure to map everything else that needs to be mapped too.

Then check the current user in your view like this:

<g:if test="${note.creator == currentUser}">
   Never jumps here <!--Now it will get in here just fine.-->
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