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how to set visible .gitignore in IDE Aptana Studio? In console i tried ls , but i didn't see it. I tried sudo gedit .gitingore and i can modify it with gedit , but why i can't do it with ide?

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First, you shouldn't use sudo to edit files to which you have read+write access. Secondly, to see the .gitignore, you should use ls -a, which will display all hidden files, i.e. files that start with .. Finally, to answer your question, in the top, right-hand portion of the "App Explorer", there is a drop down menu that you find by clicking the white triangle. Click on "Customize View", and then uncheck (under Filters) the ".* resources" checkbox. Now, it should show hidden files and folders.

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Actually, if you uncheck ".* files" check box the .gitignore file will be visible in Aptana (

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For a more complete answer to this question, please see the following, which has solutions for both Aptana 2 and 3:

See answer by DavidYell

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