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There seems to be a DapperExtensions project, but there is also a SqlMapperExtensions class in the Dapper project. Is there overlap? Is one preferred over the other? I can't find any documentation on Dapper.Contrib.

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Dapper.Contrib is the assembly name: http://code.google.com/p/dapper-dot-net/source/browse/#hg%2FDapper.Contrib

SqlMapperExtensions is the static class containing the contrib methods within Dapper.Contrib: http://code.google.com/p/dapper-dot-net/source/browse/Dapper.Contrib/SqlMapperExtensions.cs

The best documentation is the test case class: http://code.google.com/p/dapper-dot-net/source/browse/Dapper.Contrib.Tests/Tests.cs

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I think user1003841 was referring to https://github.com/tmsmith/Dapper-Extensions.

The authors are Thad Smith and Page Brooks - so it's not Sam Saffron's work. The project page says "This library is a separate effort from Dapper.Contrib".

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"The authors are Thad Smith and Page Brooks - so it's not Sam Saffron's work." made me lol because of who the original answer came from – Terry Apr 4 '12 at 19:39

I wrote the first Dapper.Contrib a long time ago after some discussion with Sam. I don't know the details of the Extensions-package and they seem to do the same CRUD-thing more or less but the Contrib-package may be somewhat faster in some scenarios because it has a built in cache for both queries and for interface-based POCOs with an internal "is dirty" tracking. Snipped from the test-code:

        using (var connection = GetOpenConnection())

            var id = connection.Insert(new User {Name = "Adam", Age = 10});

            //get a user with "isdirty" tracking
            var user = connection.Get<IUser>(id);
            connection.Update(user).IsEqualTo(false);    //returns false if not updated, based on tracking
            user.Name = "Bob";
            connection.Update(user).IsEqualTo(true);    //returns true if updated, based on tracking
            user = connection.Get<IUser>(id);

            //get a user with no tracking
            var notrackedUser = connection.Get<User>(id);
            connection.Update(notrackedUser).IsEqualTo(true);   //returns true, even though user was not changed
            notrackedUser.Name = "Cecil";

            connection.Query<User>("select * from Users").Count().IsEqualTo(1);
            connection.Query<User>("select * from Users").Count().IsEqualTo(0);

            connection.Update(notrackedUser).IsEqualTo(false);   //returns false, user not found

Contrib does not have the nice looking predicate system which Extensions has. NOTE there is a good thread on Dapper.Contrib here Dapper.Rainbow VS Dapper.Contrib

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I'm sure I'm missing something dumb & obvious - but I get "user does not contain a definition for IsNull" on line 3. Where does IsNull come from? thx. – niico May 22 at 23:17
also do you have a link to the full listing of this code? – niico May 22 at 23:22
The IsNull() method is just a simple test-method which is included in the Dapper-source on GitHub – Johan Danforth Jun 17 at 7:50

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