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I'm looking for a driver that has a future and active community.

I think node-mysql is the best for this, but I'm not sure.

One problem: it doesn't support transactions! What should I do about transactions?

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it doesn't support multiple query but it "support" transactions.

Example :

var startTransaction = function(callback) {
   mysqlClient.query('START TRANSACTION', function(err) {

var commit = function(callback) {
    mysqlClient.query('COMMIT', function(err) {

var rollback = function(callback) {
    mysqlClient.query('ROLLBACK', function(err) {

var someFucntion = function(callback)
startTransaction(function(err) {
       // do some stuff
       if (err) {
       } else {

You should use another library like async/step/ ... so you can take care of all those callback more easily

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That's not really true. At this time, node-mysql does NOT fully support transactions. While you can execute queries like "START TRANSACTION" and "COMMIT", its queuing behavior allows other queries to be queued and executed in the middle of a transaction. –  BMiner Dec 7 '11 at 17:51
you're right; we need to be aware of this went you implement your "transaction". I was able to do some with some sync batch job only. –  racar Dec 7 '11 at 18:14

Check out this project that I authored recently: https://github.com/bminer/node-mysql-queues

It allows you to use node-mysql to execute transactions, etc.

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The node-db project is a project meant to regroup and maintain a set of drivers for most popular databases. From their website:

node-db is a set of Node.js bindings for popular relational databases. Its purpose is to provide a common framework from which other database engines can be supported.

They have a MySQL driver. I would recommend using that, seeing as it is backed up by a parent project and a community. It is most likely to stay active. Not sure if it supports transactions though, but that should be easy to check.

Note that node.js is still such a young project, projects and libraries are bound to come and go until a good leader in each category emerges.

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