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In Linux I am able to do this:

ln -s /tmp/somedir/* /tmp/otherdir/

Which will create links to all of the files within somedir in otherdir. Is there a way to preform a wildcard operation like this in Windows 2000 using junction.exe?

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junction does not accept wildcards and indeed I believe that ln does not either. What happens is that the shell expands the wildcards and then passes the resulting list of files/directories to ln. You can do the same with junction by using a for loop.

That said, you talk about linking to files. Be aware that junction does not do that. It can only be used for creating directory symbolic links.

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A lot of useful information here. I know I could do it other ways but I was wanting to keep it clean. I was also not aware that junction only creates directory symbolic links so you just saved me some trouble there. – tgai Nov 22 '11 at 20:57

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