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Hi is legal to show iframes in own sites with inside other (third part) sites contents?

I would like to show facebook.com for example.

Also i would like to know, if i do:

 <iframe width="1000" height="1000" src="http://www.facebook.com"></iframe>

Why no content is showed?

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It is legal but may be against the sites TOS. Also, the site can use code (like Javascript) to prevent this or break out of the iframe. Certain browser security setting will also stop this working. Your HTML code looks fine.

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It is completely legal to use iframe to show up contents of other sites in your site. But it is in the hands of website owners or developers, whether to let others to use their site in iframe or not using JavaScript.

Most of the developers thinks that iframe is illegal and we need to stay away from them. Unfortunately they were wrong about iframes, as large number of big internet companies like Facebook, Google, Disquiss and Twitter were highly fond of iframes and using them. For more detailed information regarding iframe you could check this Michael Mahemoff's blog.

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