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This is soooo weird. I cannot seem to get any output messages from Sys.Debug methods to print into the Output window in Visual Studio 2008.

I'm talking about simple things, like Sys.Debug.trace("show this message") or Sys.Debug.traceDump(Sys.UI.DomEvent).

They show up in the Firebug trace console just fine. They also show up fine in IE textarea id="TraceConsole".

Why am I not getting any of this to show in the VS debugger console?

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If you are using C#, you can use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine to write to the debugger output window.

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I figured out that you have to debug in IE for this to work. If you debug in a non-IE browser, no joy on the Sys.Debug messages.

I feel so dumb for not having remembered this! ~:/

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