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See the code below, I don't know why my ordering is not working, any ideas?

var orderSample = new { ProductName = "", Qty = 0, UserFullName = "" };
var ordersList = (new[] { orderSample }).ToList();

//loop thru another collection and fill ordersList by adding an order at a time
ordersList.Add(new { ProductName = "Product1", Qty = 5, UserFullName = "Mr. Smith" });

//sort the orders by name - DOESN'T WORK
ordersList.OrderBy(p => p.ProductName);

gvReport3.DataSource = ordersList;
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var sortedList = ordersList.OrderBy(p => p.ProductName).ToList();

OrderBy() returns a sorted collection, it does not modify the ordersList.

If you need to modify the ordersList, use Sort instead.

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thanks, works great !!! –  roman m May 5 '09 at 5:30

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