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I have XMl file like this

   <Supplier Id="svr" /> 
   <Supplier Id="dvr" /> 
 <Supplier Id="klr" /> 

    <Supplier Id="avr" /> 
    <Supplier Id="csr" /> 
    <Supplier Id="ksr" /> 

    <Supplier Id="Bpv" /> 
    <Supplier Id="Wrr" /> 
    <Supplier Id="Sdr" /> 

   <Supplier Id="bvs"  /> 
   <Supplier Id="vvs" /> 
   <Supplier Id="Ssv" /> 

     <Supplier Id="ssn" /> 
     <Supplier Id="qis" /> 
     <Supplier Id="nan" /> 

above xml reprents the supplier customer relationship.I need to search The customer tag data is not equal to Id tag of any data node then that customer is the top customer. if we found top customer then print that node Id and then that node Suppliers Id. based on each suppliers Id of this node, I need to match This supplier Id is matched with any Id tag of all nodes, if match found print that node supplier Id's. if no matches found just leave that supplier Id. I need to reapeat same procedure like that then I will get relation between top customer to bottom supplier.

In the above XML data i need to print like this


                   svr             dvr          klr
      avr          csr      ksr   (empty)   ssn  qis nan
 (bpv wrr sdr) (bvs vvs ssv)

here "bvr" is the top customer because its not equal to any Id tag of data nodes. then print this is top print that node Id and that node Suppliers id's. now strat with using this suppliers Id's , match each supplier Id is equal to any Id tag of data nodes, in this example "supplier Id="svr"" is equal to second data node "Id" then print that supplier Id's. then go and search the same procedure for remaing suppliers Id's of top custormer. in this example second supplier Id "dvr"is not matched with any data node Id so just print that one. third supplier Id is matched with last data node Id so print last data supplier Id's. then now go for "svr supplier Id's do same procedure.

Just I shown the in graph representation form for understanding. How can I print this tag elements data like that. please help me someone because I am very beginner.Its very complicated for me.

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What have you tried? SO is not a "do my homework for me" site – DVK Nov 22 '11 at 22:28
Your "XML" is not valid. XML requires a root element. – tadmc Nov 22 '11 at 23:44
So the problem breaks down into two sections. 1/ Turn the XML into a suitable tree of nodes. 2/ Turn that tree into some kind of graphic representation. Where, exactly, are you stuck? What do you have so far? – Dave Cross Nov 23 '11 at 10:54
@help me with convert xml to tree of nodes. – user1058595 Nov 23 '11 at 13:49

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For starters, you can use XML::LibXML to parse your XML and convert it into DOM tree. See example below that loads your example and print values of Id tags:

use XML::LibXML;

my $dom  = XML::LibXML->load_xml(location => 'filename.xml');
my $root = $dom->documentElement();
for my $data ($root->findnodes('data')) {
    print $data->findvalue('Id'), "\n";

Look into XML::LibXML::Node and XML::LibXML::Element for available methods to access data and traversal.

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