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I'm working with the NetShareEnum function in the Windows API. It can return the SHARE_INFO_2 structure. That structure contains the shi2_type member, which is defined as "a bitmask of flags that specify the type of the shared resource". The values of the bitmask are defined in LMSHare.h

#define STYPE_DISKTREE       0    // Disk drive.
#define STYPE_PRINTQ         1    // Print queue.
#define STYPE_DEVICE         2    // Communication device.
#define STYPE_IPC            3    // Interprocess communication (IPC).

I don't know how to interpret STYPE_DISKTREE. Since it is a bitmask of zero, I can't use a bitwise AND on the mask and compare it against the mask to see if it is set. That is,


is always true. Is this intended to mean that all shares are inherently disk shares? Or, should I make this a special case and use the following comparison to check if the share is a disk share,

shi2_type == STYPE_DISKTREE

which is to say that a disk share is exclusively a disk share and nothing else.

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It looks like this is an exclusive mask (at least in the low-order bits) because 1 and 3 are both used. – John McCarthy Nov 22 '11 at 23:44
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From the documentation:

A bitmask of flags that specify the type of the shared resource. Calls to the NetShareSetInfo function ignore this member.

One of the following flags may be specified.





In addition, one or both of the following flags may be specified.



So the low part of shi2_type will be one of DISKTREE, PRINTQ, DEVICE, or IPC and the high part may contain SPECIAL and/or TEMPORARY. Sadly the documentation is not explicit about the size of the parts, but since there's only 4 types you can just take the low byte. You could also just drop the high byte as that is where the 2 flags are defined.

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Thanks. I got so hung up on the use of the term bitmask that I missed that part. – John McCarthy Nov 23 '11 at 15:31
The STYPE_MASK value can be used to isolate the DISKTREE/PRINTQ/DEVICE/IPC part. – Raymond Chen Dec 2 '11 at 22:25
Incomplete documentation strikes again. – Luke Dec 4 '11 at 15:15

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