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I have wikiTable tag and I would I'm struggling using Java regular expression to extract this table to remove it from other text. An example of the table is follow:

{| class="wikitable" border="1"
! بيانات الطرق
! عدد أعمدة الأنارة 
! المسفلتة والمنُارة والمشجرة
! المسفلتة فقط 
| طرق قائمة
| 21.347
| 1.653.000 كم
| 33.889.200 كم
| طرق قيد التنفيذ
| 11.614
| 20.000 كم
| 1.265.790 كم
| طرق مقترح تنفيذها
| 498.631
| 106.000 كم
| 161.000 كم

I used:

replaceAll("\\{\\| class=\"wikitable.*?\\|\\}", "");

but it is not working :(

any hints?

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Maybe because . does not match newline?

If the tables you are extracting contains no templates (thus no } character before the table ending), you can try

"\\{\\| class=\"wikitable[^\\}]+\\|\\}"
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The regex looks fine, you probably forgot to put the proper flags


If you want to use replace you should add flags by prepending them to your regex

replaceAll("(?s)\\{\\| class=\"wikitable.*?\\|\\}", "");

This should add the dotall flag to your regex

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