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I have an HTML select with several options. One of them is selected by default, but I would like to be able to change which one is selected. I found out how to do it using javascript, but I would like to do it using PHP as the information used to set it is stored in a PHP $_SESSION variable.

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could you show the html code? also the js way you found - and your php code so we can help you? –  alonisser Nov 22 '11 at 23:13

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Assuming the data is stored in $_SESSION['data'], then you can set the selected attribute.

<select name="dropdown">
  <option> <?php if ($_SESSION['data'] == "test"){ echo " selected "} ?> value="test">
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    <option<?php if($condition_one)   print 'selected'; ?>>One</option>
    <option<?php if($condition_two)   print 'selected'; ?>>Two</option>
    <option<?php if($condition_three) print 'selected'; ?>>Three</option>
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You'll need to learn PHP, I recommend starting here.


Start Googling around for PHP tutorials. After you learn basic PHP, this will be easy for you.

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